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Complemar Print offers robust fulfillment services through our parent company Complemar.

Whether you're fulfilling 3 orders a day or 30,000, we can tailor a service plan for you that saves you money, gets your products out with 100% accuracy and same-day pick, pack, and ship service.


Retail/Wholesale - Ecommerce/Web - Subscription Based - CrowdFunding - eBay/Amazon Marketplaces

We can get your package to a majority of the U.S. within 1-2 business days ground service utilizing our fully integrated fulfillment centers in Reno, NV, Oklahoma City, OK, Rochester, NY and Harrisburg, PA.

Specialists in Fulfillment:

  • 100% Guaranteed Order Accuracy or you don’t pay
  • Kitting & Assembly @ time of order, or created in advance for inventory placement
  • We process and ship 75+ million items a year
  • Technology Enabled Smart Warehouses
  • World Class Software - COMET - for Order Management, Inventory Management, Returns Management & Shipping Management
  • Seamlessly integrate with your current e-commerce/shopping cart systems
  • Extensive real-time reporting and tracking on your inventory, orders, and shipping
  • Extensive shipping options & expertise
  • East & West Coast operations provide maximum shipping & fulfillment flexibility
  • Product Returns & Reverse Logistics Experts

Learn more about our fulfillment services at Complemar.com

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