Direct MailWe are bulk and direct mail experts.

We have the expertise, efficiency and technology to manage your customer database and execute advanced direct mail marketing programs.

Our in-house mail engineers know everything there is to know about direct mail, data management and variable data printing on demand. They are mail services experts with advanced capabilities and knowledge of all postal rules and regulations, and all available mailing options. We will save you money and execute with the efficiency you dream about.

Direct Mail

Planning & Design

We have an in-house team of direct mail experts that will walk you through creating the most effective direct mail piece(s) possible. We are experts in:

  • Latest postal regulations
  • Effective sizing for maximizing ROI and minimizing postage costs
  • Creative Direction & Design for Direct Mail Marketing pieces
  • Design and layout for effective billing and invoicing mail
  • Labeling and processing of your existing materials

We know direct mail planning and design.

Direct Mail

Lead Fulfillment

Once you set the criteria for response qualification, Complemar will design a database that will generate leads from all types of responses; advertising, product releases and direct mail programs, trade shows, or dedicated inbound calls. Complemar specializes in direct mail projects, new product introductions, and promotion launches. We do more than fulfill leads; we work with you to create the tools that your sales managers need to effectively achieve their sales goals.


Our System

Our system not only receives and qualifies leads; it is a valuable information gathering resource. Based on client needs, we can program the system to check for duplicates and correct basic information such as addresses. Further, our proprietary software can track distribution and fulfillment of all leads, and issue reports to you as requested (monthly, weekly, and daily) in either hard copy or electronic form.


More Than a List

Using the Complemar lead fulfillment system will give you a dynamic sales lead database for future promotions. Eliminating duplicate inquiries within a defined timeframe, we’ve created a closed-loop system that adds sales response to the database, and automatically maps sales leads for correct assignment. A comprehensive coding system to reach a meaningful comparison enables us to notify your team, send a personalized response package to your prospects, and manage the whole process through an array of standard and customized reports.

Direct Mail

Database Management

Using an accurate mailing list can make the difference in whether or not your direct mail campaign is a success. Complemar can help you with list procurement, list maintenance, and database reporting. Our experienced team are experts in merge/purge functions, CASS Certification, and NCOA processing.

Direct Mail

Mail & Distribution

Preparing your direct mail pieces for distribution is an important part of your project. Using a mailing service that specializes in the mail preparation and distribution will save you money in the long run. We have the technology, equipment and expertise to prepare your mailing to obtain the best discounts available. Saving a few cents postage per piece can result in substantial savings to you.

Whether you’re working on a simple folded piece or one that requires complicated involvement, Complemar has the mail capabilities to handle the job. There are lots of options when you’re deciding on labeling, tabbing, folding, and insertion. We’ll walk you through the pros and cons of each, and show you pieces we’ve created in the past. Our sorting, metering, and wrapping lines are set up to get your mail campaign out the door in the most organized, efficient manner.